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Become a Partner
Why to become a partner
  1. Compas Now Assessment is the only 100% online assesssment tool that measures the competency of the people.
  2. With a single test, more than 16 types of reports can be generated for any category of people.
  3. Tests are available for School students (4th STD onwards) , college students, Engineering and MBA students, all kind of professional courses, Diploma students, Teachers, Pilots, Cab Drivers, Nurses, Corporate staff, leadership, change management Behavioural analysis etc.
  4. Tests are available for any industry, any type of Jobs.
  5. Huge potential, the services can be provided across the world.
  6. There is no implementation cost or support cost.
Since the services can be provided to a huge category of people across the world, ComPAS Now is looking for Partners to take this wonderful tool to the world as compas now alone is not able to do so.

Be part of a great social transofrmation process
Who can be a partner

There are different schemes available depend on the interest, connectivity and financial ability that you have. For some schemes, there is no investment needed. We will support you for the complete process. However, we shall consider only those who have the passion for social reforms / networking and business mindset.

Please fill up the below details. We shall contact you immediately with more details.