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Career Analysis

After completing 10th std, or preuniversity, the students and the parents are confused about which academic stream would be the best suited to succeed and excel.

ComPAS NowTM helps the students to select the right career path.

I want you to be doctor!!!
Assess the career based on competencies, not on interest

We do not Analyse the Interest. The interest of a student can vary from time to time based on many external factors. We measure the internal reality and propose the best areas for higher studies and future career. Once these competenices are measured then based on the Interest students can select the best option.
Top Best Careers

Careers to be avoided

Certain careers to be avoided as as it may not be compatible with the competencies of a person. ComPAS career assessment report will disclose the careers that need to be avoided .

VAK Analysis
Effective Learning Styles

A person gets information through 5 senses for brain to process. However, 3 senses are more prominent. They are :
  • through visuals(eye)
  • through Auditory(ear)
  • through Kinesthetic - feelings / touch / movements.
This will determine the dominant learning style. It is known as VAK Analysis (Visual, Auditory & Kinesthetic).
It is based on these modalities / channels by which human expression can take place and is composed of a combination of perception and memory. Although we use all of the representational systems, we tend to have a preference, just like there are people who prefer certain types of food.)
Take ComPAS Test Now and Benefit:
  • Assess the natural inclination for further studies / future Career.
  • 100s of jobs are assessed based on their competencies.
  • Identify the strengths and top competencies.
  • Identify the areas for improvement.
  • Identify the areas to be avoided for further studies / future jobs.
  • Identify the best learning strategies through VAK analysis.
  • Achieve excellence.