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Competency Search

Now Companies can Search Talent by competencies rather then physical criteria alone

ComPAS Now Helps you to search for talents based on competencies in addition to other physical criteria such as location, years of experience, technology etc..

Define your own competency set for different jobs from a pool of competenices . This gives you great accuracy in getting the right people with the right competencies for a job. Save time, money, get the right talent for your jobs and avoid unnecessary training

(Search from a list of 250+ competencies)

Am I recruiting the people with the right competencies...?

Am I spending lot of time and money on training...?

Am I having very high staff turn over...?

How do I effectively manage different people alike...?

Is it possible to make everyone productive ...?

Is it possible to provide job satisfaction to everyone ...?

How it works ?
  • We have a huge database of engineering and MBA students and job seekers
  • 250+ competencies are mapped when a student / individual takes the test and the competency scores are kept in the Database
  • From these assessed candidates DB you can search for talents by selecting the competencies that you are looking for in your company along with other conditions
  • View the detailed resume with competency mapping details of the person
  • Reduce Attrition rate
  • Hire the right candidates as per your competency requirements
  • Reduce Training Requirements
  • Reduce Cost, Increase Productivity

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