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Co-Scholastic Skill Assessment
(as per CBSE Norms)

No one is good at everything…
No one is bad at everything..
Everyone is good at something…
Finding out that something that matters for life and career ahead.
By the time the children reach Standard V they already have their set patterns of response and behaviour in different situations in life. Some of these patterns, like the interests in sports, academics, music, etc. are visible to teachers and parents. Some other patterns are invisible and hidden to others. Attention to details, process orientation, empathy, etc. are some of the examples of hidden patterns. It is on these hidden patterns that the children build their future skills and competencies to face their life and career.
Take ComPAS Test Now and Benefit:
Students :
  • Define their education & career and plan for higher studies in an early stage with the help of report which is scientifically measured.
  • Understand the best learning strategies(best choice for learning) in their education/ studies through VAK Analysis which is scientifically measured.
  • Understand the strengths/top competencies of the student and area for improvement.
  • Individual assessment report containing their general strength, top competencies.
  • Get the score calculated for CCE Competencies in par with CBSE Norms.
  • Self knowledge about the core competencies.
  • Achieve confidence and performance excellence.

Parents :
  • Most of the time parents are in a dilemma while selecting a career for their children. Most of the time they go with the trend in the market/or draw a definite plan about what the children should become, without knowing the skills of the children and make wrong choices. ICA reports help parents to make the right decision and stop saying "I want my child to be …."
  • Parent can identify the real ability / competencies of the child, so that they can guide them with confidence.
  • Parent can understand how to motivate the child in their studies through VAK Analysis.

Teacher & School :
  • Provide the best motivational strategy for each student based on the learning preferences of the individual through VAK Analysis.
  • Ease the work load of teachers by providing the CCE competency scores through ICA.
  • School can produce the EVER BEST GENERATION with passion in their education and career.