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Competency Mapping and Career Direction

Due to lack of awareness of personal Strengths & weaknesses and incomplete information about the core competencies required for different job profiles, thousands of graduates land in wrong jobs where they cannot perform well.

ComPAS Now can help the students avoid ending up in the wrong courses or jobs and guide them to make appropriate choices depending on their capabilities and skills as needed by the corporate.

(Competencies are mapped based on the engineering branch.
Different branch will have different sets of competencies mapped)

(Competencies are mapped based on the MBA branch.
Different branch will have different sets of competencies mapped)

(Based on the skills exhibited by the student, a career analysis is made
with respect to the branch of study and best 10 career options are printed.)

(Understand how the students perform in softskills)

Take ComPAS Test Now and Benefit:
  • Students will come to know their strengths / Top competencies and best 10 jobs to excel in the career
  • Assess multiple jobs of their choice based on the competency mapping
  • Understand their best learning strategies through VAK Analysis
  • Map Additional 250 competencies
  • Having known about the competencies, join the right job than any job
  • Demand for the job based on the skill sets that the students have.