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Job Based Competency Analysis
as per ISCO (International Standard Classification of Occupation) Norms
and NOS (National Occupational Standards)

During the time of hiring, the corporate look for candidates with certain job competencies. After hiring, however, the competencies shown by the candidates in the work situation do not often match the expectations of the corporate. This situation emphasizes the need for corporate to analyze and understand the behavior of the candidates during the time of hiring for better productivity operational efficiency and performance excellence.
Every job needs certain competencies and it varies from jobs to jobs. Before recruitment, the competency required in a job can be mapped against the skill set of a person for the best job match (Job-fit analysis) so that companies can hire the right fit person for the job with confidence.

Define Your Own Job Profile Competencies

Compare Multiple Jobs in a Single test

Job Profile Layering
Increased productivity, Better Job Satisfaction, Better Control, Less Staff Turn Over,
Performance Excellence

Campus Recruitment
Easy, Fast, save money, match the right talent through competency analysis online

Talent Acquisition and Resource Planning
Based on the competencies exhibited by the individual, Talent acquisition
and resource planning is possible

Training and Development
Provide Effective training through Trait Analysis

Statistical Analysis
Generate graph to show the overall performance of a department / branch / company
based on selected competencies.

E.g., a graph can be created to show the performance of the employees in a department based on analytical skills / customer focus .
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