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Sample Test

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Make sure you enter the correct email so that you may receive the reports and other communications in the Email Id that you provide. You can visit this page anytime and see your results by providing your email Id. You can ask for any other report listed below by re-visiting this page.

What will you get from the sample Test ?

Once you complete the sample test, you will get a general analysis report that will show your Top 10 competencies and your strengths in general.

You will be able to get the following additional reports upon payments.
ReportsFor Whom
Degree - Competency mapping and Career Direction (More...)Degree / PG Students
Engineering - Competency mapping and Career Direction (More...)Engineering students
MBA - Competency mapping and Career Direction (More...)MBA students
Emerging Strengths Analysis (More...)STD 4th - STD 8
Co-Scholastic Skill Assessment (More...)STD 4th - STD 12
Career Analysis (More...)STD 9th - STD 12
Know Your Teachers (KYT) (More...)Teachers
Job Profile Competency Analysis (More...)Corporate Staff
Training Need Analysis (TNA) (More...)Corporate Staff / Teachers
Pilot Assessments (More...)Pilots
Sales force analysis (More...)Sales Team - Corporate
Job Profile Layering (More...)Corporate Staff
Assessment for Drivers (More...)Drivers
Assessment for Nurses (More...)Nurses
Stress Management Analysis (More...)Everyone
Special Caution Report (More...)Corporate
Behavioural Analysis (More...)Everyone

How much you know about yourself?

Give a self analysis about you before the test. Your self analysis can be compared with the psychological analysis...and see where you stand

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