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You are hired with the Right Competencies

Identify the right career for you.... so that you dont have to work a single day in your life
.... ...a Chinese Proverb

What are my top competencies ...?

What are my strengths ...?

What are the best jobs i can do ...?

What are the jobs I need to avoid...?

What competencies i need to develop ...?

What the companies are looking for in a candidate ?

Soft skill is
very important for
performance success

Critical competencies
Technical skill
Performance excellence
make the right move now !!!
How it works ?
  • when you take the test 250+ competencies are mapped and the competency scores are kept in the Database
  • When the companies log in , they can search for the candidates with the right competencies.
  • Companies can hire you with the right competencies for the job that they are looking for.
  • Get you the right job with the right competencies
  • Helps you to get job satisfaction, high productivity, Promotions etc. easily.

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