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The Co-scholastic Hidden Aptitude Mapping Psychometrics (CHAMP) initiative is an innovative, state-of-the-art technology driven appraisal of life skills Boasting scientific accuracy and reliability backed with empirical evidence, CHAMP delivers competency profiling and assessment report for every student that is not only comprehensive, secure and cost-effective but is also quick and easy to interpret.

Championing student future

Assessment (8th - 12th Standard)

Deployed 100% online as a fun-to-respond-to multiple-choice questionnaire with no right or wrong answers to figure out and requiring just 30 minutes or less to complete, the students enjoy selecting options, which seemingly tickle their innermost thoughts and aspirations while appreciating the casual indifference of inquiry. The CHAMP initiative intelligently assimilates individual student responses mapping them against 10 core competencies of life skills and rates them on a scale of 1-10 delivering percentage-wise crystal clear scores.

Based on the assessment, the school's overall top scorers in each class are acknowledged, their stellar performances highlighted and every class champion befittingly rewarded. This innovative initiative not only offers an in-depth insight into hitherto hidden aspects of student personalities and life skill capabilities but also fires up the intuitive imagination of students, educators and parents alike, while motivating them in tandem to "iron out the wrinkles," in the makeup of student personalities.

Hard-to-Measure Student Competencies…Analyzed Scientifically!

The ABCD of the CHAMP Initiative:

  • It offers a roadmap to success for students, helping them focus on a target to work towards and achieve into the future beyond mere academic grades, ensuring holistic character development, which helps them take delight in their higher studies and relish their chosen career paths
  • Student weak spots are quickly identifiable by teachers enabling timely and appropriate mentoring, ensuring optimal academic performances.
  • Parents can rest assured that their child is receiving the finest possible attention and guidance, which will stand him/her in good stead into the future
  • School managements are assured of exemplary student performances and institutional excellence.

The ComPAS CHAMP Initiative (CCI) is a proprietary student profiling and competency assessment software program developed in consultations with eminent academicians and teachers, exclusively for ease-of-deployment by Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioners and Information Technology (IT) professionals. CCI is addressing the need for developing well-rounded personalities, focused on the bigger picture of achieving their future goals, expeditiously.

The underlying principle of CCI is that nobody is good at everything, but everyone is good at something! Accurately identifying that "Something," is crucial to the making or breaking a pupil's personality as well as his/her life and future career prospects. This fundamental hypothesis of CCI is applied to accurately determine and evaluate life skills, which are often indiscernible in a typical, everyday classroom setting, especially to untrained observers.

The workflow methodology, the simplicity of its deployment and the scientific accuracy of results as illustrated in the sample report generated below exemplify the virtues and benefits of the ComPAS CHAMP Initiative not only for students, teachers and parents but also effectively showcases the commitment of the school management to molding the future generation of the country.


  • Assessment period from Sep – Nov 2018
  • Eligibility : 8th to 12th standard
  • School to collect participation fee from students (For special pricing contact Team ComPAS Now)
  • Minimum participation from each school – 100 students
  • ComPAS Now™ shall provide School code to conduct the test to each school
  • ComPAS Now™ shall provide individual detailed report to participants.
  • Co-scholastic skill Awards to the top scorers based on overall Co-scholastic score, school, state and national level
  • A consolidated report with the scores of all students will be provided to the school management
  • Award function is in Dec 2018 in which the state level and national level awards shall be distributed


(Pattern formation and neural pathways.)
No one is good at everything. No one is bad at everything. Everyone is good at something. Finding out that something is what matters for life and career ahead.

By the time the children reach Standard V they already have their set patterns of response and behaviour in different situations in life. Some of these patterns, like the interests in sports, academics, music, etc. are visible to teachers and parents. Some other patterns are invisible and hidden to others. Attention to details, process orientation, empathy, etc. are some of the examples of hidden patterns. It is on these hidden patterns that the children build their future skills and competencies to face their life and career.

Patterns (neural pathways) are the base for the thoughts and the thoughts are responsible for the actions and the actions are responsible for the habits, attitudes, aptitudes and the skills & Competencies