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Why to Register with ComPAS Now

ComPAS Now™ Assessment has got specific reports for School children, degree students, Engg/MBA students, Job seekers etc., for career counseling

Using this specially designed competency based reports, behaviour analysis, emotional intelligents report etc ., will help the counsellors to understand more about a person's most prominent behaviours, competencies, attitudes, the best learning strategies etc…and thereby giving a full fledged counselling

You can be a registered counsellor with compas now and get the following advantages:

  • List your profiles in compas site
  • students / parents will come and look for counselors in their area through compas site.
  • Once they identify the counselor in their area, they can contact you for counselling
  • You shall receive a notification from compas with the details of who contacted etc.
  • Once you register, an account will be created for you. With this account code you shall be able to generate login / conduct career assessment test / generate the report you want and proceed for counselling.
  • Use the report and pay only by end of the month.
  • When a student takes the test clicking on "take test" against your name, the test details will be available in your account and you shall get a notification. You may generate the report without waiting for compas and further proceed for counselling with him/her
  • You may attend a special training program on career counselling based on NLP
  • Once you are certified, you may suggest compas now report to others and get additional revenue.
  • You shall get the reports in a discounted price.
  • Earn revenue even when others take the test in your account