Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ComPAS Now?

ComPAS Now stands for Competency Profiling and Assessment Service. It is an on-line service for the Corporates and the Public. It helps organizations achieve operational efficiency and performance excellence. It can also give advance information, before hiring, how an employee would respond on the work floor, what competencies can be expected from him/her, and whether his/her skills and attitudes will match the specific job profile of the company.

It also provides various other services to individuals.

How ComPAS Now comes out with the prediction and what is the concept behind?

At ComPAS Now we profile, assess and predict the competency of people and match them against different job profiles so that companies can hire them with confidence. To do this, we pick up subconsciously repeated patterns in people. These patterns are specific, identifiable and repeated umpteen times in different situations in people's life and work.

These patterns are, sometimes, differently referred to as Beliefs, Filters, or Mental Programming. The subconscious mind uses these patterns as a reference base for our actions, responses, judgments and decision making. If you have a pattern like, "I am a shy person", this will be expressed in all your actions and responses in related contexts in life as well as at the work place.

People do not like to change these patterns because they are comfortable with them, because their subconscious mind wants to keep them and fights vigorously to retain them forever. Any change in these patterns would mean a drastic revision of their behaviour and response system.

At ComPAS Now we are able to identify the repeated patterns in people and group them into skills, characteristics and attitudes (competencies) that are required to do a particular job effectively.

How reliable is the prediction from ComPAS Now?

Most of our responses and behaviour in any given context are subconsciously repeated patterns. Imagine yourself putting on your cloths in the morning. Which of your hands you put in first, your right hand or your left hand? If you have put in your right hand first, one can predict with 100% accuracy that next time, also, when you dress up you will put in your right hand first. You may consciously try to change it. But the moment you remove your conscious effort, your subconscious mind will take over and you are back to your normal responses and behaviors. Even the choice of words you use in your conversation is an unconscious process. Hence the prediction can be with 85-90% accuracy, as we base our prediction on subconsciously repeated patterns. 10-15% of grace margin may be given to conscious awareness that can slightly change the pattern for a while.

Can these subconscious patterns be doctored?

It is possible that a candidate gives a studied response consciously. But as those responses are not genuine, they can result in conflicting patterns which cannot exist together in a person's day-to-day life.

Our system can identify these conflicting responses and send you a report of their occurrence in a candidate and furnish you with a percentage of discrepancy or inconsistency.

How ComPAS Now is beneficial for a corporate

Every company requires a competency model defining a set of skills and attitudes, for high performance on the job. If the workforce of an organization is able to exhibit these qualities, they will grow steadily from strength to strength.

Once a company has the Competency Profiling and Assessment and Service (ComPAS Now) in place, the company can:

  • Put in place a good hiring and training system
  • Achieve better job-employee match within the organization
  • Reduce attrition rate satisfactorily
  • Access high performance teams through people's strength
  • Hire people with required competency profiles
  • Identify correctly the missing competencies in critical operations
  • Align talents to strategic business objectives
  • Utilize human resources appropriately
  • Plan effectively the succession process within the organization
  • Enable employees to clearly understand company expectations
  • Enhance overall performance excellence
  • How ComPAS Now is beneficial for a candidate

    At an individual level a candidate can log on to our website and take the test to:

  • Find his/her overall strengths and weaknesses
  • Align career with own attributes, attitudes and skills
  • Guide individual career development
  • Identify rewarding opportunities for career growth and promotions
  • Choose an appropriate job one is good at
  • Plan your next career option if you are not happy with the present one.
  • What are the services ComPAS Now is offering other than Profile prediction

    ComPAS Now also provides the following:

  • Corporate Resume service - ComPAS Now can supply to companies a list of candidates with tested, assessed and rated profiles for different types of jobs.
  • Provides executive coaching to improve individual competency profile.
  • Individuals can register with ComPAS Now after getting their profiles rated. ComPAS Now will transfer these resumes to companies who need them.
  • Provide in-house training programmes to improve overall performance of a team
  • As a corporate what should i do to get the services?

    If you are not yet a member of our services, please register here first. Our team will contact you and make sure that you get the required service.

    What are the list of schemes or offers currently available for me?

    The list of schemes available for you depends on your industry type or industry sector. For further details please click here.

    Pls explain how a candidate / corporate is supposed to make the payment

    Please contact our team members to get the details of how payment has to be done, as it may depend on your requirement

    Can i do online payments?

    Currently we do not support online payments. This option will be added very soon.

    As an individual how do i take up a test?

    This is a very simple process. After you register with us, you can login to our site with your userid and password to take up the test.

    What kind of profile informations can i get when using ComPAS Now?

    The profile informations we provide depends on what service you avail.

    For Corproates, we provide :

  • Detailed Profile informations of candidates with respect to a job profile used for processing
  • Profile Ranking to find the most suitable candidate with respect to a job profile
  • For Candidates, we provide :

  • Detailed Profile informations about his/her strengths or weakness with respect to his/her personality
  • Details on how he/she can improve their personality
  • After a candidate takes up a test, how long will it take to view his/her profile details?

    There is no time duration needed to process the profile details. As soon as a candidate completes his/her test, within seconds you can access the profile details.